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core picks up where your med school textbooks leave off. it's purely practical: how to write notes, call consults, present an EKG, and much more.

all content is designed by medical students fresh off their clerkships, vetted by experienced clinicians, and field tested in hospitals across the country. and it's all completely free.

efficient. practical. core.


core: clerkships

our flagship app is now used by more than half of all third year students in the US, and in over 30 countries around the world. with dozens of practical cards designed to help you cruise through any of your third year rotations with ease, core is the ultimate clinical ace in the hole.

who ever said x-rays couldn't be sexy? with the release of sublux, core medical apps changed the way students, residents, and other healthcare professionals read films. with sleek, simple, overlays highlighting high-yield pathology, sublux will let you impress your colleagues-- and yourself.


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