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what people are saying ~ Sublux

A must have app ~Dr. Maurer, Ft Lewis, WA

"The Sublux app brings the basics of plain radiography to the masses without having to become a radiologist. The app contains an easy to follow process to interpret films with nearly every major body part and pathology covered. Although not exhaustive and limited only to plain films, the app is great for beginners to X-ray interpretation and seasoned providers as well. A must have app." ~ Dr. Maurer, Fort Lewis, WA

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Talk about useful AF ~deepsoul13

"This app walks you through reading a normal image. Then it has a category for looking at different types of findings and injuries. And you can quickly flip from normal to abnormal to better train yourself. Wish I had this during my first few years of med school!"

Great for students and providers ~Agouti scrubs

"I’m an NP student who aspires to work in emergency medicine. Sublux has been very helpful in breaking down the steps of radiograph interpretation. The simple illustrations of common injuries are so useful to someone who’s just learning this skill."

what people are saying ~ Core: Clerkships

Honored every rotation ~BoHBR

Thanks to this app, I was able to honor all my rotations. My attendings and residents were extremely impressed with both my clinical knowledge and notes. A MUST have!

Thanks for this app! ~alimrah8

This app covers the essentials in note writing, presentations, and more, in a more organized and thorough approach than I've seen elsewhere! Thanks for helping me feel more confident in starting third year! Looking forward to the iPad compatibility.


Very helpful for starting a new rotation ~Nehemiah 9:17

I’ve used this app several times a month during my third-year clerkships. Especially great for smoothing the learning curve during the first week of a new clerkship. Highly recommend!

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