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what isn't core?


it's not a textbook. we've tried to keep the information here as non-academic as possible. you are already using way too many resources to learn medicine. we're not going to add to the pile.


what is core?

the medical knowledge you've spent the last two years acquiring only takes you so far. core picks up where your books leave off. it is purely practical: how to write notes, call consults, present an EKG, and much more. we help you apply your knowledge to the wards to ensure you look like a rockstar. all content is completely free through the app and website-- no strings attached.

how do i know i can trust your information?


our goal is to get you the highest-quality, simplest material that exists anywhere. to that end, we surveyed hundreds of medical students to figure out where the knowledge gaps were. over hundreds of hours we developed and honed our templates and other content. we sent them to students at schools around the country, who field tested them for us in a huge variety of hospitals. finally, we had the most experienced clinicians we know vet and endorse everything to ensure accuracy. 

can i send you materials to publish?

we're psyched that you want to help out, and we'd love to see templates, tips, notes, or other materials that you've compiled over the course of third year. if you make something that we use, we'll put your name up on the "contributors" section of the app. you can reach us at

where do my donations go?

core is free for you, but not for us. web hosting, llc registration, and app developer fees all come out of our debt-filled pockets. if you found the app helpful, we'd love it if you threw a dollar or two our way-- but we know your pockets are as debt-filled as ours, so no pressure.

do you have an app for android?

yes!​ core clerkships and sublux are currently available for download.

are you currently hiring?

yes we are! let us know if you'd be interested in working with us as we continue to expand our footprint in the medical education space.

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